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I want to thank you for making these past three years worth all the effort. And that radioactive imagination has never really let up since.

Poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge argued that perception and conception can be bound together, the gap between them mediated, only through the tertium aliquid of imagination. I've been living it in spades, for most of my 51 years.

And I think I fathom it somewhat more deeply after blogging it these past three years.

Zanzibar International film festival to focus on SA Wat kyk jy?

Three years ago today, more or less by accident, I started blogging.

Wednesday before last it struck me, within a brief span of hours, that I am through with blogging. Thanks to those lurkers, regular or occasional, whom I've come to recognize in my stats, even if I can't put a name to them: from Zionsville, Indiana; Firefox for Linux from San Jose; Cleveland, and Boulder, and Seattle, and Tampa Bay, and Phoenix, and Arlington Virginia, and Springfield Illinois, and Hillsdale Michigan, and Vancouver BC; those two cohorts from Emeryville California and Dublin Ireland; and Konqueror from Paris, and Google Reader from Berlin, and Feedchecker from Japan; and Cambridge and Nottingham in the UK.

At the eastern entrance of the temple, a cist burial and another seven human burials were discovered.

In my very first blog post I expressed reservations about eventually running out of things to say and falling into repetition. After five years in the blogosphere, three years blogging, and 951 blog posts, I reckon it's time to hang it up. Thanks to my lurkers, and that means first and foremost thanks to Refugee from Houston, who's been with me from the very beginning. As a matter of survival the boy turned within, and drew the cadmium control rods out of the reactor core of his imagination.It unearthed the full platform 11 meters (36 feet) in diameter and 1.2 meters (four feet) high.It’s more than 650 years old, but the original stucco still covers most of it.He has advised the administrations of over 30 countries, including a number of presidents, and numerous public civil society and business organizations.1.1 BILLION PEOPLE BEGAN THE NEW YEAR OF 2007 WITHOUT ACCESS TO WATER. 1.8 million died throughout the whole year, for many different causes.

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Bernardo Kliksberg is one of the foremost world experts on the fight against poverty.