Paul on american idol dating

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Paul on american idol dating

Online, Reed, who is currently filming "Breaking Dawn," is referring to Mc Donald as her "boyfriend" and the two are staying in contact via Skype.

The pair first met when the top 13 "Idol" finalists went to the Los Angeles premiere of "Red Riding Hood" in early March.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Paul Mc Donald and Nikki Reed as a couple?"For me, this whole thing was about having fun, getting up there and singing a bunch of covers, and just having fun with it," he adds."The others were coming up and I was like, "Don't be sad, guys. I'm fine, man, I'm okay." And it was funny because they're like, "I'm going to miss you! She's super cool, man, she's super smart, really cool girl. We've been hanging out, here and there, you know we're both pretty busy, but it's been fun so far.": "I didn't want it to be sad at all.Thursdays are always so draining because it's sad to see people to go.

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, Nikki and Paul have been the target of romance rumors and speculation. He was able to handle his elimination with grace and style, but says he may have lasted longer if he stayed true to his gut instincts when it came to picking his performance pieces.