Liquidating limited company

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Depending on the state, the LLC may also be required to submit a list of all debts, liabilities and remaining LLC assets.

The business of the meeting will be for the shareholders to confirm the balance sheet and to authorize the liquidation to proceed. Finally, the Civil and Commercial Code requires that the books, accounts, and documents of the company be deposited at the D. Tags: closing a limited company, closing a ltd company, closing a thai ltd company, closing down a company, closing down a thai company, dissolving a company, dissolving a company in thailand, how to dissolve a company, winding up a company, winding up a thai company Category: Business in Thailand, Company Law Siam Legal is an international law firm with experienced lawyers, attorneys, and solicitors both in Thailand law and international law.

In the previous articles, we addressed the legal bases provided by the Civil and Commercial Code, passing a special resolution, and actual procedure for registering the dissolution of a Thai company. has registered the dissolution of the company and the appointment of the directors, the liquidators must, as soon as possible, prepare a balance sheet and have it certified by an auditor and thereafter summon a general meeting of the shareholders.

In this last series about closing a Thai Limited Company, we will explain the last stage in the process, which is company liquidation. Although, the company has now been dissolved, the Thai Civil and Commercial Code makes clear in Section 1248 that the general meeting would be the same as one that would be held if the company were still extant.

And because they can now start the liquidation process online it is even more efficient, quick and cost-effective.

In effect, a director can start a company liquidation online having gained advice from the experts, and then he is free to get on with his life.

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