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Insane Clown Posse add their bizarre touch to Christina Aguilera's self-love ballad "Beautiful" in a new video for their 2012 track "Beautiful (Indestructible)." Violent J mugs for the camera, speak-singing profane versions of the lyrics ("Deep inside, I get insecure/ From all the pain; shit's so lame") over a hip-hop beat.Shaggy 2 Dope jumps in for a rapped verse, occasionally shouting "Fuck off" while a clown dances in the snow. The vocalist also spoke up on behalf of ICP's dedicated Juggalo fanbase, noting they've been "targeted, profiled and blatantly discriminated on by law enforcement agencies across America" and placed on the FBI's list of organized gangs. The group will also stage a free concert for fans that weekend in nearby Bristow, Virginia.He is the master of the art of using magic without magic. It is not an interesting or funny song, so don't bother. 1.5/5 3) Hokus Pokus This is one of the funnier songs on the album. There is a message in each of the joker card albums, so obviously the guys have some sort of intelligence.This is evident in the passages that come with each of the joker card albums (there are many other cd's like Forgotten Freshness of Bizaar that have nothing to do with the joker's cards). This spectacle shall be witnessed only by those who are meant to see it. It does indeed consist of rap, but it not like any other rap I have ever heard. 2.5/5 2) Great Milenko Ok, Intro is an intro, so what is Great Milenko?From deep within the Netherworld of shadow walkers comes yet another exhibit of the Dark Carnival. It basically does the same thing as track one: describes the Great Milenko.Love this song I just can't get enough of this song! Some songs from Riddle Box are really good as well. So sad to see they started to hit their stride on Riddle Box- go on to make two great albums then become crap.

Going on vacation, being with friends, and also reminds me of summertime.

The sentiments in “No Type (4 Life)” are significantly more positive then “Anus” however, despite J’s aside about “[liking] my Magnums tight.” As they do on many contemporary ICP songs, the group stays focused on the importance of family, discounting detractors, and having a positive time at an ICP show: “Everyone unites/No one ever fights” takes the place of Jxmmi’s original “Push-start the whip/Brought it straight to life.” Listen and watch the video, which features ICP rapping in the streets or on skyscrapers in various major American cities, below.

It may have been loosed on the world on April 1st, but nothing about it appears to be in jest.

Juggalos attend the concerts and events of the band as well as adopt the Juggalo lifestyle.

This is just one of the worthy sentiments grounding a new song Insane Clown Posse released on April Fool’s Day entitled “No Type (4 Life),” itself a reference to the great Rae Sremmurd song of the same name.

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However, I think that the Great Milenko is actually an all right cd. He is powered by one's own jealousy, lust, and temptation. Luckily, they managed to release it under Island Records, and their own label, Psychopath Records, which later went on to sign with numerous other members of the Dark Carnival (ICP's stupid gathering of nuts). However, most of the time, this album is downright funny. Maybe they're just idiots, or maybe they're only pretending to be idiots (likely, I'm sure).

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