Egypt sex tourism

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Egypt sex tourism

My guide book referred to Dahab as "a kind of Goa by the Red Sea," and included a section entitled, "Drug Smuggling and Cultivation in Sinai" within the chapter on Dahab.

When young girls are sold into marriage, as 38,000 are every day, they can expect a life with no education and few opportunities, little public autonomy outside of their adult husband's control and an increased risk of death from pregnancy or childbirth, which are the number one killer of girls age 15 to 18 in the developing world.

The lucrative international trade associated with Third World tourism involves packaging and marketing areas of the world that are most devastated by contemporary economic conditions, essentially creating landscapes of paradise out of realities of poverty.

The case of Dahab, a small coastal town in South Sinai, Egypt, offers an example of the processes and power dynamics involved in the production of tourist spaces.

One in seven girls born in the developing world is married by age 15, usually sold by her family.

But some girls who grow up in Egypt's poor rural communities face an even scarier sort of child marriage: the temporary kind.

Joe Duggan It's 11pm, and Europe's most notorious party zone is grinding into action.Thomas Cook added that the wider holiday market was also enjoying a bounce back after a difficult 2016, with summer bookings overall up 10pc as sun-seekers have shifted to Greece and other European destinations including Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia and Portugal.Demand for trips to Turkey and Egypt plunged after the 2015 bombing of a plane from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, and a violent attempted coup by the Turkish army, which has been followed by a string of terrorist attacks in the country.Christians, Muslims and Jews alike can visit hundreds of holy sites.The Red Sea offers some of the best diving in the world.

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PETRA AND WADI RUM, Jordan — There are plenty of reasons for female tourists to visit the Middle East.