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Dating no desire

It's meant to draw us closer to one another and to God.

Drawing from the wealth of John Paul II's wisdom, Dave Sloan presents a wholesome new way to relate in the world of dating and relationships.

The first is the action that is, by its very nature, so closely related to the sexual desires that they serve no other purpose except to stimulate and arouse the persons involved.

Some examples of these would be: prolonged and passionate kissing, impure embracing or petting, and sexual intercourse.

I caught my husband cheating several times and finally sent him packing.

There are some general rules that unmarried couples should abide by in order to foster the virtues of chastity, charity and self-control in the relationship so that the couple can truly come to know one another and God’s Will for them.

But you’re out of that marriage now, and you’re wondering whether you should just give up on sex.

It’s your choice, of course, but I vote for stoking your sexual fire, single or partnered.

If there is no reflection, as can happen sometimes when an impure action occurs without any forethought or intention at all, one does not sin mortally.

However, it does not change the fact that the act itself was gravely wrong and one should be very careful not to let it happen again.

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These actions are always gravely wrong between unmarried people, and no “good intention” can ever make them right.