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Hopefully your relationship sends your other half filling blank canvases with reflections of you or better yet, how you make them feel.If your lifestyle caters to it, the odd hours can be an advantage.I thought that the nine to fivers would eliminate all those anxieties and fears my concerned friends and family members regularly put into my head.While I didn’t have to worry about groupies, I worried about something much worse… An artist could understand the challenges of pouring your heart and soul out to the public, being rejected or publicly humiliated and then having to pick yourself back up with grace and do it all over again.That’s where we come in…below are 10 reasons why YOU should date an artist!Everyone knows that passionless relationships are (yawn) boring.Haven’t you always wanted a floor-to-ceiling portrait of you and your cat atop a plush velvet pillow?

If you don’t get quirky, eloquent and engaged response to questions like “what would you like for tea? Don’t listen to the words that they’re saying, listen to the Artists are constantly volatile and passionate, and they always experience emotions on a more deep level than you, like Deanna Troi from Star Trek, or a dog.

There are plenty of artist couples that don’t work out and I’ve seen non-artists successfully partner with artists, but not without a deep understanding of who that person was. When one of us has a gig, locks ourself in a room to write or needs to go into the dance or recording studio, there’s no complaining about how much time the other person is spending on their art. I admire my boyfriend, Cobi Mike’s, ability to leave it all on the stage, to courageously give his art away in hopes that the world will receive it with the same amount of respect and heart he put into making it.

It’s important to remember that artistic people are genetically different to us “normies”. Delete their social media accounts and file a missing persons report with your local police.

Make sure you get laminate or tiled floors for the fortnightlyish occasions when they smear a mix of tears, acrylic paint and faeces around the place.

Sobbing uncontrollably into the eviscerated cushions of your sofa is just a normal day in the office to an artist.

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When I first started dating my musician boyfriend, I got all the stereotypical reactions from concerned friends and family. After all, I myself am an artist and have had my share of disastrous relationships.

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